St. Mary’s MRI Suite

"The MRI suite was designed with a diverse mixture of wall, cabinet and floor finishes, including a fiber optic 'star filled sky' in the ceiling above the MRI. It all came together with surgical precision under OAI’s leadership."

David L. Sweitzer, AIA, Project/Facilities Management, King's Medical Group
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St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center MRI Suite
SMRT, Inc.
Portland, Maine
Project Highlights
  • Project Value: $481,000
  • Size: 8,300 square feet
  • Timeline: 1999/2000

St. Mary’s MRI suite is located in a former radiology ward. Before construction could begin it was necessary to remove the 24-inch thick, steel-reinforced concrete walls. Working in the heart of the hospital, great care was taken to keep dust and debris to a minimum. The suite consists of patient reception, waiting and changing areas, MRI operation room with copper-clad walls, and a mechanical room.

Coordination, timing and attention to detail were critical for the installation of the highly sensitive MRI. Prior to transport the magnet was filled with liquid helium to keep it at a temperature as close to absolute zero as possible. Re-connection to a permanent life support system immediately upon delivery was of vital importance. OAI worked very closely with the architects and the MRI service provider, King’s Medical Group, to ensure that the site was ready for a swift installation with no complications.